Meet DeAnna Marie she is a Business Strategist, Personal Coach,and Speaker who loves to be involved with your success.

I work along side of you discovering your companies goals while working with you or your staff with the many years of outdated belief systems or old paradigm thinking hidden under the clutter of everyday challenges both in the environments of business and/or teams.  We get to the WHY and execute to the next steps.

I am forward thinking, proactive in my approach to find out the WHY, while incorporating new angles to what is already in place.  I am hired with the insight to see the bigger vision, how the company connects with clients, also the internal clients and departments and implement projects or technology to quickly meet goals.

I will first identify what is going on and then collectively remove what is not working.  My team and I are dedicated and tenacious while delivering the right amount of clarity and persistence to deliver a system that works for you.  Every company and person has a signature or unique style and my style is progressive, out of the box and I bring a sense of fun to the table. I work with the B2B and B2C market, entrepreneurs just starting helping to build a foundation and presence,  independent agents (real estate, brokers, wealth management affiliates, etc.)  and my favorite CEO’s, and upper management of enterprise companies.

Currently I finished a project with a major movie studio coaching individuals, reviewing hiring procedures matching the correct positions with the correct staffing.  An added bonus energetically analyzing from a large view (many companies miss this), I love to absorb the big picture and work backwards to all levels and to individual employee’s who want to be in a well balanced environment;  I have the insight to see what is out of balance in regards to employee interaction, projects,timelines,  implementations of new marketing campaigns using social media, even to the design and placement of office furniture.

In my last project I walked the studio stage sets invoked the idea of changing colors, moved props around and cleared energy imprints or stuck frequencies from the previous year. I was told that this season has been the best in regards to people collaborating (getting along), operations running smoothly, and the level of happiness with the people on the set i,e.,  camera people, screen writers, actors, wardrobe people and administrative professional, I could go on.

My Personal Mission: 

Work with my global vision to execute a person or companies; I do this by strategically mapping out a program that works for you, listening needs, seeing what one may not be able to, due to being to close to a project or goal, especially with sales departments when at times they lose site of the client and come back to the table with solutions.

My clients are business professionals,  B2B and B2C as well as, entrepreneurs with a vision and that vision is ready to be launched.  I call myself a hybrid, I clearly understand the old and know how to converge the new paradigm, and dive deep while taking progressive steps to meet the goal. I am an expert in building a personal road map and tagged as the personal truth finder it’s very clearly how to break down complex systems and rebuild your to success.

DeAnna uses her business experience and blends it with her Clairvoyant skills to move you to the next level of personal growth and business success. This innate ability has earned her the title of Personal Truth Finder from many of her esteemed colleagues and clients.


DeAnna is an expert at what she does with over (25) years working with high-level executives in the business arena selling, training, teaching and recruiting top talent. Her clairvoyant skills give her the ability to tune in quickly and develop laser beam strategies to activate and implement immediately. Her caring approach to every coaching session utilizes both her business skills and intuitive senses, while building your road map for success. She is known for her pleasant communication style and works diligently on transforming your life while correcting energy imbalances in your body, mind and spirit.



Difabio1@gmail.com – contact me to start a complimentary consult/coffee talk. When you are in my presence self-doubt is left behind!

VIP Business Strategist- Top level to middle management and small business Entrepreneurs  =   3rd party analysis, Inspirational consulting and a mapping system customized to your organization.  The understanding of how to team building and how important it is to pick the right people, we discuss organizational realignment, cultural environment and just every day Challenges that occur.

Most Popular – Gain Clarity “90 Day Strategy Clarity Program”Specifically designed and customized for your need today. Are you an entrepreneur and hitting the block.  Asking what am I missing?  Where is the accountability I need?  It feels as though I am doing this alone. Are you personally struggling with what is my next step? This one is for you.

Individual Coaching and Team Coaching – provides a strong sense of Inspiration, validation as to what you are doing right now and create goals to where you want to go with validation, closure, guidance, truth and direction.

Couples, Partners, Children, Siblings and all around coaching that provides resolution, connection. I address difficult issues and uncover the hidden mind patterns, old thoughts and behaviors and really go deep to help you discover and move to the next level,  we explore behaviors that hold you back unconsciously in your closest relationships.

DeAnna and her team is unique and dynamic whom easily maneuvers between the business and the unseen. She effortlessly moves her clients to the next level of personal growth, expanding their life purpose and business solutions in quantum speed. DeAnna works with business leaders, transformational leaders, celebrities and other spiritual communities and is on a mission to spread self-discovery and self-empowerment.



As you connect deeper with the truest purpose of your life, sometimes old paradigms and ways of being can feel like a heavy weight holding you back. When you partner with DeAnna Marie, her innate abilities to vocalize where your blocks are, identify what they are, and clear them in miraculous time, frees you to leap into your life with more creativity, joy and freedom. Speaking from experience, it was as if she reintroduced me to the very spiritual being I had known myself to be and had lost, at some unconscious level, deep connection with. Once detoxified, my business flourished, my mind cleared, my spirit rejoiced.

Tina Marie Jones – Speaker, Author, Coach and Business Owner http://tinamariejones.com/

Houston, TX






“I was encouraged to work with DeAnna Marie to help with my energy, relationship and future vision. I don’t know how she does it but after working in the 90 day clarity program our private one on one sessions, I look inward and know I am happier, lighter, my relationships are better and I am moving toward a great new direction in life and work. I have been able to take time off and actually enjoy it and I am more mindful. DeAnna  Marie worked with me to be more empathetic and loving and not only to forgive myself but forgive others. Her calming yet fun personality has been such a joy to experience. She has a Corporate Business background and also lives at a higher frequency and easily maneuvers between both,  she incorporated her business knowledge developing next step strategies and at the same time dials into her Intuitive nature and skills for balance.  I believe she really cares about me and that her intentions are from the heart. I look forward to continuing to work with DeAnna Marie on many different levels.”

Marjorie Ellis Manning, Principal Officer at the Affinity group

Orange County, Ca


DeAnna recently spoke at both Willow Tree Women’s Circle L.A. and O.C., and had a booth at Women’s Exhilaration Day Retreat. She was featured this month in “Spirited Woman” magazine. At both Willow Tree workshops, she truly touched and elevated the audiences with her deep intuitive knowing of what each individual was facing in their lives, giving them immediate tools they could take with them for moving forward. She also spoke about her compelling life story, her studies with the greats; Marianne Williamson, Doreen Virtue, Wayne Dyer and many more, and answered questions with extreme wisdom on business, prosperity, love and family life.

Kim Somers

Life Coach – Facilitator of Willow Tree Events http://www.kimlifecoach.com/

Huntington Beach, CA


DeAnna DiFabio has an innate ability to see between your words and get to the true story.  Several years ago, my recruitment company was plagued with decreasing revenue, high fixed costs and the future was getting increasingly bleak.  I was very seriously considering selling my then $3 million dollar company for pennies on the dollar and venture into a new career.  I was abruptly stopped and told the story of an unimaginable scenario where business returns, the company would transfer to a virtual platform, I would become an industry expert and revenues would triple.  At the time, I thought “what a lovely dream.”  DeAnna told me it would happen if I didn’t run away.  Well, the “dream” did come true and now I hang onto her every word! I am a CEO of a large organization, a keynote speaker around the world, have written a book and I am in high demand to help others.  Thank you DeAnna for believing and using your unique abilities and insight to see what at the time I couldn’t.  I highly recommend you DeAnna to any and all that are in transition, doubt and are ready to take a leap.  DeAnna, You truly are a well hidden secret and it’s time for people to know who you are.  In Gratitude!!!

Kim Shepherd CEO http://www.dtoolbox.com

Laguna Beach, CA





“I have had coaching and readings from DeAnna over the past few years; all I can say she as an amazing gift.”

Her insights and guidance are always in tune with what is going on in my life and brings peace and direction.  I often call upon her for her vision and I trust her intuition.  She is truly an amazing healer and spiritual adviser. In addition she has worked with my children and assisted me in getting them into a private school.  She took time out of her schedule to visit and be at the locations to sense what will work for both of my children individually and collectivity.  From day one she shared with me the right school I vacillated between three she was on right on target immediately.  My children are very happy and so am I.  I highly recommend DeAnna to anyone whom needs assistance with life decisions, relationship advising and healing.

Xandra Laskowski

Newport Coast, CA







I am so grateful for having met DeAnna, when I first met her, I was anti God (universe) in my attitude and belief system.  She suggested I develop my spirituality which I agreed to do. She brought me to a meditation class, to start, and then we had many ongoing sessions and discussions.   It transformed my life.   I’ve done the work she suggests (a leap of faith on my part).  She has a unique ability to see, sense, feel and understand what is happening at the moment and what is coming.

DeAnna has been correct consistently and has guided me delicately to the next levels when I felt  I was ready to throw in the towel.  She has always given me direction when I couldn’t find it, she holds a space for me and works with my confidence.  One thing that I love the most about her is how she knows what is important to work on at the moment and she holds me accountable for my own progress.  I am constantly looking for ways to move beyond my own fear and she eliminates that fear.

I recommend you to anyone else I know facing uncertainty and seeking guidance with a result at the end!

Kerri Vernon

Mission Viejo, CA





Testimonial on the new CD.. Hi Deanna! I heard your cd today! WOW WOW WOW I listened did the exercises and literally feel asleep for an hour. I had time to rest and just listen to the CD- Can you send me the date of the event for release on 6.16.11 what time location?


CEO Coach – Professional Photographer


Rancho Cucamunga, CA







I’d like to extend my gratitude and appreciation for DeAnna’s care, compassion, and expertise in offering her time and expert solutions. Her ability to speak into my listening and identify specifically what my challenge had been in the past, allowed me to open up and free myself from the challenge. Her voice often resonates in my head reminding me of what I need to be focused on while simply having the awareness of certain names and events that are the identifiers letting me know I am on track. She’s got a beautiful voice that is soothing and relaxing and helped me to let go and put myself into her hands for the time being. Thank you so much DeAnna!

With Love and Appreciation,

Howard Crampton Jr. Inspirator – Dynamic Speaker and Coach

Purpose Mentorhttp://www.howardcramptonjr.com/

Huntington Beach, CA



“DeAnna has the knowledge and intuitive skills for all of the work she is doing. With her open and loving heart, her compassion and strong desire to assist others, she assists others in such a beautiful and balanced manner. Take a moment and get to know this beautiful being of Light.”

Gods Blessing, Morgan Ki’ilehua

Laguna Niguel, CA


Media and speakers corner

The Intention Call

Please visit and sign up for the weekly intention call, this is a global call which is magnetic and supportive. DeAnna Marie DiFabio’s 15 minute Intention Call2.4.2012 – Enjoy the free Audio Love-Intention-Call-Feb-04

Powerful in her energy, DeAnna Marie DiFabio, is often asked to Hold Space for spiritual and business events. She removes energy imprints and neutralizes the energy and brings in love and success enhancing the overall experience for all who attend. Currently, she has a thriving coaching practice physically serving the orange county community and virtually throughout the globe. She is a soon to be author of a book: “Whisper in the Wind: The Journey of an Intuitive.” She cares deeply for this planet and people individually, she brings LOVE where ever she goes and shares this with others, so they may continue spreading LOVE.

Listen to the Replay Now – November 15th, 2011 being hosted on two radio talk shows –  10:00 am PT/12:00pm CT – Hosted by Tina Marie Jones and Todd Alan – Transform your Business -You want more money, more love, more health – we do too.  Join our guest, DeAnna Marie DiFabio, a Master CEO Clairvoyant and Business Intuit to learn how to tap into your intuitive nature to increase your business, health and happiness. You want more money, more love, more health?  – We do too! Learn how to not only tap into your intuitive nature, but use it for all the good that you deserve. A do not miss high energy show.



OUR WISH RADIO – will be hosting me for an infusion talk about raising your vibration with LOVE and we’ll conduct a quick energy exercise on how to maintain it

Listen to the replay now – @ 11:00 am PT/1:00pm CT – Hosted by the “Soul Whisper” Stephanie Marie Beeby and Emmanuel Bombardier “The Master Manifester”. Join our guest DeAnna Marie DiFabio who is referred to as a Master CEO Clairvoyant and Business Intuit. She leverages her 25 years of business experience with her intuitive skills to create massive shifts in your life and business. DeAnna is known for her uncanny ability to tune in to what is needed at quantum speeds and create just-in-time strategies for leaders, enhancing their road map for success. Earning her the reputation as ‘The Personal Truth Finder.’  Her unique process of DNA Mapping and Restructuring, allows her to see the blocks in the DNA structure in regards to inherited family linage and ancestry. She also specializes in realigning DNA Patterns to match the spiritual world and allows your Guides or loved ones to come through her from the other side to share their messages.

Featured engagements
Todd Alan Radio show March 2012
Holistic Living Radio show Nov 2011
Our Wish Radio Show Nov 2011
GLN Transformation Television show Houston Texas Jan 2012
Featured in Spirited Women Magazine
Featured in Global Magazine on “who is my Hero and why”?
Speaking engagements – Willow Tree. Awakening Center of Spiritual living
Release of Meditation CD 2010
Book to be released in 2012