Oct 07



Inspirations from the heart! You can work through life’s disappointments and turn a life’s dismantlement, such as losing someone very close to you and accept the WHY. I have personally experienced right in front of my eyes within seconds and others in the room experience the SHIFT. I worked with a woman and she was able to release her sisters passing, she hung on for sometime and was in pain and guilt about, why her sister? It was holding her back and she was at the end of the rope with guilt. In minutes we cleared the energy.

Take advantage of a Free 30 Minute consultation call. Whats missing? What’s really holding you back? I look forward to working with you on moving to the next step!!!!

How do you talk to yourself each day? What small voice whispers in you head? Good morning I love you? Your a superstar you will close that deal today. My pipeline or Venture Capitalists are completely in alignment with the goals and the profits needed today? Or do you find the smile on your face is a program that you have been running and feels outdated. Are in need of an upgrade? Are you doing what your heart truly desires and have Joy, purpose, fun, and most of all self worth?

My Personal Mission:

Now, more than ever, it is vital to listen to your own intuition. Being a clear channel and understanding how to remove the negative energy.

My main purpose is to work with you to execute your purpose. I am developing personalized programs that assist you with your true life purpose and journey. My (partners) clients are business professional, mothers and housewives, entrepreneurs getting to the next level. I am excited everyday teaching and sharing how you can trust your own intuition. I am an expert in building a personal road map for your success both individually and in team settings. Creating that space for you to integrate information at quantum leaps. You don’t have to spend years unraveling time. NO, you are right here, right now the past is gone. Your today is waiting!

A bit about why I do what I do?

I have had the chance to leave this earth twice in my life and I was clearly told; you have work to do here!! People are ready and they need you now. Believe me how did I get picked, I thought to my self; really this is a huge responsibility, can I do it? Oh the voice clearly spoke to me and shared that every obstacle in your life was a gift to show you, to prepare you, to create love in your heart. After my brain surgery in 2008, followed by a long recovery time, I felt my purpose for being on this earth – simple; LOVE. I was called the terminator in business, the blockbuster, I remember a time sitting in a meeting at Sony Pictures and a person looked right at my boss and said, if you want the job done ask DeAnna it’s done!! I have over 25 years of business experience in a plethora of industries and always felt this was my home. However, when I returned back to the Corporate environment after recovering, I kept hearing a voice, Go, Go, you have more to do with you life, people need you. I kept thinking am I crazy? I have a great job, wonderful people that love me, I am climbing the ladder just fine! But something shifted I started to come from my heart, my intuition and I couldn’t go back to the old Armor I whore, yes Armor. My main language became of the heart. I found myself expressing love and how others could feel it and operate from this level.

I talk in my book, Whisper in the Wind, which will be released in 2012, about the many trials I went through in my life. From a young child having intuitive abilities and not understanding what to do with them. Living in a hostile environment of abuse both physically and mentally. Encountering two near death experiences and much much more that you will read in the book. Passing my mother at a young age and her mother too. Seeing the life leave their eyes only to get that I had the best gift ever, I was there, to love, to hold, to forgive. As painful and challenging life got (yes at times I wanted to end it) I believe secretly many have thoughts of what if I just left? I kept very busy I continued to soar in business,went back to school at 32 (whiling maintaining a 4.0 the first year) and took 3 computer classes on top of that. I just kept myself busy I didn’t have to feel. I was numb. It took the recovery in 2008 to turn this around. I was an expert in every area you can think, I had all the answers; but one? Take all of this away what do I have? I was unclear and went on a soul search, the I got it; LOVE!! Through severe trials, I came to realize that we are not alone, there is something bigger than ourselves and I had been working with it my whole life. I just blocked it.. I can’t wait to share this with you and work right along side of you, moving you to your next level.

Awakening to your own intuitive powers while facing what really has happened in your life. My style is wrapping a sense of humor and a lightness into every program or Life session that I do with you, have some fun, pull out the kid that has been put aside. At then end of the day knowing that you are loved and being able to laugh brings joy to ones soul.

I am available and working with partners (I prefer to call you a partner vs. client), on the hearts desire, how to live each day with joy vs. guilt or pain. Check it out for yourself, it take courage, believe me I have done it, I looked straight into who is DeAnna and what is my purpose?