Jun 26

The DeAnna Season – making it through brain surgery and in gratitude


A few years back I had brain surgery and to the best I could I kept a online diary. I recently visited in discussing the process and I found a comment post at the time I was still recovering and didn’t realize the power in this poem that was written.. Thank you Heidi Ortiz this really touched me.

The Deanna Season

Deanna came to me in a dream I thought I had
A sparking ray of light that instantly made me glad
Glad to be in her presence, she lives life with such passion
Passion for anything and everything, loving is her fashion
Fashion plate I wouldn’t say, she’s way too cool for that
That’s not a knock, she is a rock that will never leave you flat
Her carbonation overflows to everyone she meets
Her bubbly infectious flavor can conquer the highest feats
Just like the one she met head on, it had no chance to beat her
Bring it on, she cried out loud, a brain tumor could never cheat her
Brighter, deeper, stronger she is, all things happen for a reason
Everyday from this day on will be the Deanna season


Jun 26

The emerging Butterfly that is you!

Beloved – Are you getting the call, have you been in a place that you know there is something? I included, many healers have been taking down time to get ready to assist with the next steps. Some have felt that it is a sense of depression, turn it, it is a stage to cocoon, allow the caterpillar to form and then emerge as the beautiful being you are, The butterfly spreading it’s wings to start flight on a beautiful journey.

Note this process is important and delicate. When the butterfly emerges it must be cared for instinctively it starts to crack open the cocoon and also knows it must do this part alone. It took the time inside to transform. Hence we take this time to learn, care for ourselves and love. As an observer sometimes we want to help, in the butterfly’s transformation if touched it will die. If you are the butterfly or the observer do it all with tenderness.

In translation, as we emerge, people want to help (sometimes just listening allows the transformation to happen), energies and what we say to ourselves and how we love ourselves is very important at our birthing time.

Know you are loved… Know you are here for a reason and your purpose is right here in front of you. We all need coaching and mentors. Being a coach I know how important it is to have a person who does not judge, is not so close that perspective is lost and can map out what is needed for your next step. Open up and ask your higher self who may that be and they will appear. Take time to reflect and receive the message for next step and get rolling.. Holding you in the highest regard and balance – always, DeAnna Marie DiFabio